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If you are reading this article more than likely you are either an Internet marketer, a consultant or someone who is intimately involved with online experiences. When either designing a website or marketing strategy you must keep in mind the personality of your customers and not your own. For this article, I will define the website user experience as, the whole experience a website visitor has while on your site.

At times, website developers do not show empathy towards the website user and their experience. Developers want the website user to understand what they were saying in the design and layout of the website. Developers must also understand why a user did not understand. This all includes what the user likes and did not like, colors, set up, content and products. Unfortunately, many developers fake it when they are designing a new website. After learning from a client what they want in a website it is the developers job to guide the client through a series of questions about not only what they want on the website but whether customers are like and incorporate all of this into the site design. If the designer does not do this they are not really getting the website user what they want in their experience while visiting the website.Feel free to find more information at stotion.

Another unfortunate direction many website developers take years by incorporating shortcuts into their development. By thinking one color is fine over another or certain content would benefit users rather than other content are developers really offering the website user what they want and is enhancing their experience on the site? Developers can only understand this by either gathering this information from the client or by talking with the users themselves. By understanding how the website can develop a relationship with the user will allow all of this information to blossom and come to light.

Another common error that many website developers make is by editing their own work. By hiring a content developer or editor to proofread the content which is going onto a site the information which will be presented to the website user will greatly enhance their total experience.

In summary, as website developers we must do four things to increase the website user experience:

  1. Be ignorant (that is, do not assume users think a certain way.)
  2. Empathize
  3. Actually care
  4. Interact with the user